Why is Ford f350 so expensive?

Higher Reliability RatingsWhy are used trucks so expensive? The biggest factor comes down to reliability. Many people wonder - do trucks last longer than cars, and the answer is ty

Why is Ford f350 so expensive?

Higher Reliability Ratings

Why are used trucks so expensive? The biggest factor comes down to reliability. Many people wonder - do trucks last longer than cars, and the answer is typically yes. Generally speaking, pickup trucks remain more reliable than most cars, allowing for a longer lifespan.

Higher Quality Body Parts

Rear exterior view of a used Ford F-250 Super Duty showing quality truck bed materials, bumper, and exhaust

Another reason that used pickup trucks cost a pretty penny is because the body parts are more costly and reliable than those on sedan and coupe cars. Used trucks require the use of heavy-duty materials to ensure durability, which also increases the overall price.

Lower Depreciation Rates

The depreciation rate of used trucks in Colorado Springs is much lower than that of most used cars. Trucks hold their value better, allowing consumers to get more money for a trade-in when the time comes, but that means higher selling costs for the next used truck buyer. What is spent today on the best used trucks will not be wasted and your investment won't decrease in value as fast as it could with a cheap used car.

Driver-Assistance Safety Technologies

When you look at the difference between an old truck vs. a new truck, you see more driver-assist technology included in newer, more-modern pickups. While these advanced safety systems increase the safety of the occupants, they also make the price jump up. This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing just how old you want your used truck to be. Is safety one of the most important factors for you? If so, used trucks made after 2014 are your best bet.

High-Tech Interior Materials & Features

Back in the day, trucks were meant solely to get a job done. These days, pickup trucks can be used for towing, hauling, transporting the family, having off-road fun, and even racing. To appeal to every member of the family, pickups now include many luxury touches and amenities, which further drive up the price. Fancy touch screens, towing assistance technology, and durable interior materials don't come cheap.

Very Powerful & Extremely Capable

Trucks are much more powerful than the majority of cars and SUVs on the road. Rightly so, as these pickups must be able to haul and tow heavy loads that other vehicle types are unable to do. However, with this additional power and capability come extra costs. The body style/design with an increase in raw materials/parts and high-performance heavy-duty engines/transmissions aren't cheap to manufacture.

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More Versatility

Used Ford Super Duty dually towing a very heavy load on a large trailer

Used cars simply can't offer the same capability that the expensive trucks provide. You can simply just do more with trucks. With a used truck, you can haul large loads, transport items you wouldn't want in the car, head off-road with ease, and provide additional cargo room. You can even help someone else in need who may be stuck or needs their car pulled to the local auto body shop. Still, you can use the truck to load up the family for a weekend trip or make a stop at the grocery store. There are no limits to the ways you can utilize a used truck.

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How to Find an Affordable Used Truck?

If you want affordable used trucks in Colorado Springs, you don't have to look far. While it's more challenging to find used trucks at a low price, it's not impossible. Obviously, the older models will have a lower price tag. If you don't need something relatively new, this might be the best bet for your budget. In addition, you can give up some interior features, technology or power in order to keep the price down. Thankfully, Phil Long Valucar Motor City offers a wide variety of used trucks for sale in Colorado Springs. Let us know what your budget is and we will show you what's available.View All Used Trucks

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