What to bring when you are told not to bring a thing?

3 Wines to bring when told not to bring a thing!If you are someone with a high moral compass or just generally a good person, being told not to bring a thing is less of a kind gest

What to bring when you are told not to bring a thing?

3 Wines to bring when told not to bring a thing!

If you are someone with a high moral compass or just generally a good person, being told not to bring a thing is less of a kind gesture or more of a test of your generosity. But its always hard to find the perfect balance for the situation youre in. Bring something too nice, you may very well look like your over-compensating for something; not nice enough, you could look unappreciative and you may find yourself without an invite for the next special occasion. Its a social battleground, understandably youve got one chance to make this right. Wine is always a great way to start a conversation and loosen up the awkward greetings, so weve conjured up a few different situations and different wines that are perfect for any occasion and will leave anyone looking tasteful and appreciative.

The Kids footy break up.

You want to impress. These may very well be your best and only friends for the next ten years. Youve been specifically told not to bring a thing. But let's face it, your son isnt good enough to get away with being a cheapskate. You need to bring something thats going to leave the perfect taste in your host's mouth, but if you go for something too expensive other parents will think you're trying to outdo them, and you will surely be looked down on. Assuming the sun is out, and the barbeque is roaring; bring something fizzy, fun, and colourful that tastes amazing but doesnt say Dom Perigon on it. As my own recommendation try the For Starter Sparkling. It has a refined bubble structure and beautiful crisp finish that will go over well on any hot day. Its not going to break the bank but is something everyone will enjoy.

Dinner with the in-laws

Youre having dinner with your in-laws for the first time. This is a make-or-break dinner. It could very well set the scene for your relationship with your partner's parents for the next 30 years. Id imagine you want to impress and go all out, break the bank, and be showered in praise for your exquisite knowledge of wine. However, going too hard too soon will only do one thing: set expectations too high. Which will almost certainly lead to disappointment the next time you arrive with a bottle half as good, which may actually make you look even worse because you just bought the expensive one in an attempt to win them over. I would recommend a wine that is fancy, but which is going to leave you with some wiggle room. The Twiggy Point Barossa Valley Shiraz is the perfect wine to show you know what youre talking about but youre still sniffing out the best deal. Its a big, full-bodied red with a really smooth finish on the back end and its not going to cost a fortune. It may very stimulate conversation about which is better out of Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

Your neighbour doing you a favour

This one is a little more complex, say for instance your neighbour very kindly mows your lawn and says after dont worry about it, just what neighbours do for each other hey knowing very well you will not be taking time out of your weekend to mow their lawn, you nod and agree, smiling at your newly cut grass. You have to buy something that sayss thank you without making the neighbour feel awkward for doing what some may consider a medial task. If you go all out and break the bank for him, your neighbour may feel like he has to mow your lawn to repay this outrage sly expensive wine and very well may turn into a Ned Flanders type neighbour who you will never be able to shake. On the flip side, something to cheap and he will feel unappreciated and may not be so inclined to offer to mow your lawn next time hes out there; and you definitely dont want that. Id recommend the By Brown Roads Pinot Noir its a local wine from the Mornington Peninsula, so hell know you care about supporting local business. Its nice and light but with an abundance of flavour and definitely wont break the bank at about 20 dollars a bottle. Your lawn will continue to be mowed and he wont be popping over unannounced.

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