What is the best time for a baby shower on a Saturday

Baby showers are all about welcoming and celebrating the newest member in the family. It is also the time where the mom-to-be can relax and get a chance to be pampered before she g

What is the best time for a baby shower on a Saturday

Baby showers are all about welcoming and celebrating the newest member in the family. It is also the time where the mom-to-be can relax and get a chance to be pampered before she gives birth.

However, planning for a baby shower comes with a lot of frustrations. From coming up with a guest list and making sure no one is left out, to coming up with a perfect venue and a suitable day, no one can deny that it is always such a hassle.

Well, among the several questions that come up when set in motion plans for the baby shower, the one that strikes up a debate is the day. As a host, the day that you choose to throw the baby shower for your loved one matters a lot.

If asked, most people prefer weekends. Of course, weekdays are a big no-no since it is packed to the brim with activities like work and school. With weekends, its always torn apart between Saturdays and Sundays. For different reasons, some people prefer attending a shower that is on Saturday, while others prefer on Sunday.

Well, we cannot confidently say that either of the two is the perfect day since they both have a good and bad side. Lets take a look at each of them, shall we?

Pros of Having a Baby Shower on Saturday

  • Guests will not have to leave early as the next day is not a working day

With baby showers, there are a lot of activities to be done, such as the opening of gifts, playing games, revealing the gender of the baby, to name a few. Obviously, the event will take 2-3 hours, and guests are prone to get exhausted afterwards.

Saturdays are very suitable as guests will stay back and enjoy themselves and not be in a hurry to leave, unlike Sundays, where the next day is a working day. Also, the guests will have ample time to go home and rest since the next day is also part of the weekend.

  • Guests have time to come since most of their loved ones are not at home

Saturday is known as a day for a lot of activities like kids soccer practice or a soccer game, dads day out with friends. You name it. Assuming that its a ladies only baby shower, this gives them plenty of time to attend it. As opposed to Sunday, which is sort of a family day where the guests hang out with their loved ones.

Cons of Having a Baby Shower on Saturday

  • Saturday is a day that is packed full of other functions

Initially, Saturday is known as a day when several functions are held, leaving aside a baby shower. A good example is a wedding. So if you plan to throw a baby shower either for your loved one or for yourself, then it will be most likely that your guests will be elsewhere attending a wedding, especially if its during the summer.

Therefore, if you are looking to have a baby shower on a Saturday, then it is best that you notify your guests early enough so that they can inform you if they can manage to come or not.

  • Guests could be caught in other activities that will hinder them from attending the baby shower

While it is a good thing that most of your guests loved ones are involved in Saturday activities, they might as well find themselves getting involved, too. For instance, a few of your guests have kids who are in the same soccer team, and they have a match on that Saturday. They will have no choice but to support their little guys.

There are several other activities such as spring cleaning, garage sales that take place on Saturdays, and they need the mom of the house to be present. Well, as I mentioned before, if you are planning to throw a baby shower on Saturday, notify the guests early enough.

Pros of Having a Baby Shower on Sunday

  • There are hardly any other activities taking place on Sunday

Apart from going to church and lazing around with family, there is almost nothing else to do on a Sunday. That is why it could be an excellent opportunity for you to throw a baby shower on this day. However, it is best to start in the afternoon as they will have gone to church and had some time to have lunch. Which will be better since you will only serve snacks and refreshments along with the main cake.

  • Guests will not have to bring their kids along since there will be someone around to take care of them

Unlike Saturday, where maybe the dad is still at work or out with friends, Sunday is a day just to lay back and relax. Which means, they will watch over the guests little ones. This would give them the chance to come and enjoy the party without having to worry about a babysitter or having awkward moments with their babies if they brought them along.

Cons of Having a Baby Shower on Sunday

  • Many of the guests will be attending church

This poses as a disadvantage if the baby shower has not been planned with the guests in mind. By that, I mean if you had set the time for the baby shower as between 9 am to around 12 pm, that will inconvenience the guests as they will be attending church.

If you are planning to have it on a Sunday, then it would be best that you set it to begin in the afternoon.

  • Many guests will leave the baby shower early in preparation for the coming week

With the following week, it is evident that Sunday becomes a hectic day as it comes to an end. There is checking the kids homework, sorting out laundry to put in place school uniform and work outfits, you name it.

Therefore, the guests are bound to leave early as they are in a hurry to get all prepared for the next day. To avoid that, make sure that the baby shower takes the shortest time possible. Of course, not too short but quick enough for them to engage in the various activities and enjoy themselves. Most people say that an ideal baby shower should last for 3 hours at most, which is perfect. So, make sure the baby shower doesnt go past that time range.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Day for the Baby Shower Event


Holidays are a time for spending time with family. Therefore, throwing a baby shower at that time will not be the best idea. This is because the guests will either be out of town or too busy with their families.

Also, holidays like Christmas are a season of giving. This means that the soon-to-be mom will receive a ton of them from family. Therefore, when you present gifts during the baby shower at that time, it wont be as special as you intended it to be.

However, there might be an exception in case the mom-to-bes due date is around the corner. If that is the case, then let the guests know. Of course, they will be gracious enough to attend. After all, its someone close to them who is almost having a baby, and they would not miss it for the world.

Although the idea has brought forth a lot of controversies, you can also plan to throw the baby shower after the baby is born. The guests will be able to attend without having to feel left out in other holiday activities. While others will say that it will go against the unspoken rules of a baby shower, it is good to do things differently sometimes.


Spring and summer are great seasons for holding baby showers. For starters, the temperatures are just right, which makes it perfect for outdoor baby showers. However, it also doubles as a disadvantage as there are other functions, like weddings, to take place during these seasons.

Well, like I said, it is always better to send out invitations early enough. This will give you ample time to know who will attend and who wont.

Baby showers bring together loved ones to share the joy of the upcoming baby. Which means, it should be an exciting experience for guests, the mom-to-be and you as the host rather than a stressful one.

As important as it is, having to choose the day should not be overwhelming when planning for the event. Having viewed the question from different perspectives, choosing a day for the baby shower cannot be hard after all. All you need is proper planning, and you will be able to throw a baby shower worth remembering.

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