What documents do I need to transfer license plates in Ohio?

Updated on August 17, 2021If youre planning a move to Ohio, youre in luck. Ohio ranks second for states with the cheapest car insurance, with a full coverage average of $998 for th

What documents do I need to transfer license plates in Ohio?

Updated on August 17, 2021
If youre planning a move to Ohio, youre in luck. Ohio ranks second for states with the cheapest car insurance, with a full coverage average of $998 for the year. When you move to the Buckeye state, you have one month to register your vehicle with the state. This includes completing a safety and emissions test, a VIN inspection, and getting Ohio insurance. Once all are complete, youll be ready to join the Buckeye state drivers!

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Did you know, Ohio follows closely behind the hussle and bustle state of New York for registered vehicles with 4.4 million in the state as of 2019? Among these registered vehicles, the Honda Civic is the most popular registered vehicle in the state! Drivers in neighbor state Pennsylvania also prefer the Civic as their model of choice. If youre looking to register your Honda Civic, or any other vehicle in Ohio, keep reading to learn how.

Ohio Vehicle Registration Renewal Guide

How to Renew a Car Registration in Ohio

Have you had the misfortune of losing your Ohio state vehicle registration tags? If your tags have been lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, its time to replace them with the Ohio DMV. It is a violation of Ohio state law to operate a motor vehicle without up-to-date registration and tags. To avoid a costly ticket, prompt replacement of a lost tag is critical.

Below are the requirements for replacing your Ohio vehicle registration. If you have any further questions, contact the Ohio DMV at (614) 752-7800.

Vehicle registrations in the state of Ohio can be renewed with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in several ways. When your registration is set to expire you can renew either online, in person, over the phone, or through the mail.

When registering or renewing your registration you will be able to choose how long you want your cycle to last: you can choose either a one year or a two year registration. Your registration will expire every year on your birthday.

You will not be eligible for 2 year registrations if your vehicle has an apportioned license plate, or if it is considered a special vehicle, or if it will need to be inspected in the next registration year.

Ohio Emissions Testing and Vehicle Registration Renewal

There are 7 counties in the state of Ohio that require emissions testing in order to renew your registration. These counties are:

  • Summit
  • Portage
  • Medina
  • Lorain
  • Lake
  • Geauga
  • Cuyahoga

Renewing Your Car Registration In Person In Ohio

To renew your registration in person you will need to visit the Deputy Registrars Office. You will need to provide the following to the agent:

  • Renewal notice, which will need to be signed and dated
  • Proof of insurance
  • Vehicle title if a change in address needs to be made
  • E-check certificate if required in your county
  • Payment for all of the fees

Ohio Online Registration Renewal Options

To renew online simply follow the instructions provided on the official website.

Replacement and Duplicate Registration vs. Vehicle Registration Renewal

Whats the difference between getting a duplicate registration and renewing my vehicle registration in Ohio?

If your vehicle tags are due to expire soon, you will need to replace them to continue driving your vehicle legally. The process for renewing your vehicle tags is different than the process for replacing them.

Before the expiration date on your car registration, you will need to contact your local DMV to renew your tags and acquire a new registration card. If your license plate sticker has recently been lost, stolen, or damaged, however, you will need to replace it, not renew it.

Have Your License Plates Been Stolen Recently?

If your license plates have recently been stolen, it is imperative that you contact your local law enforcement officials immediately. You should also file a police report in order to avoid illegal use. To file the report, you will need your license plate number and any details surrounding the theft.

By filing a report, you help protect yourself against any further criminal activity including fraud and identity theft.

How to Replace Lost, Stolen or Damaged License Plates In Ohio

When replacing a stolen license plate in the state of Ohio, a new plate, complete with a new plate number will be issued. If you have a personalized plate, it will be marked to denote the fact that it has been re-issued.

How to Replace Your Vehicle Registration

If you need to replace your Ohio registration, you can do so either in-person, online or by mail. You must also pay the following applicable fees:

  • One license plate is $10.50
  • Two license plates are $11.75
  • A registration card is $4.50
  • A registration card and new sticker are $4.50

Replacing Your License Plate In Person At The Ohio DMV

To replace your registration in-person, you can do so at your citys deputy registrars office. You will need the following:

  • A valid form of ID.
  • If you are leasing your vehicle, you will need Power of Attorney from your finance company.
  • A form of payment to cover the required fees.

Online License Plate Replacement Options In Ohio

To replace your registration online, you will need the following:

  • The last four digits of your social security number.
  • The number on your license plates.
  • The reason for your requested replacement.
  • Your complete and current home address.
  • Your form of payment for the required fees.

You should receive your replacement card, license plate sticker, or license plate within 10 business days from completion of your request.

Replacing Your Ohio Registration By Mail

To replace your registration by mail, you will need:

  • Your current, full street address.
  • Completion of the appropriate documents.
  • If you are leasing your vehicle, you must have Power of Attorney from your finance company.
  • A check or money order to cover the applicable fees.
  • Send your replacement request documents to the address on the forms.

Disposing of Your Old License Plates

What do I do with my old license plates in Ohio?

If your license plates are damaged, you will need to replace them. When you do, you should surrender your damaged plates to your local DMV. If you choose to replace your current plates with a new type of plate, you may also be required to surrender your current plates to your local licensing office.

If you have any further questions concerning replacement a replacement car tag, stickers, or license plates, you can contact the Ohio DMV at (614) 752-7800. You can also acquire further information online.

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