How to tow a car with one person

Moving Truck Towing a car! Photo via Bucket List PublicationsIf you areplanningon driving a moving truck to your new home, you are probably considering how you will transport your

How to tow a car with one person
transport your vehicle

Moving Truck Towing a car! Photo via Bucket List Publications

If you areplanningon driving a moving truck to your new home, you are probably considering how you will transport your vehicle there too. If you dont have a few extra drivers to spare, you will need to eitherTow, ShiporStoreyour vehicle.


This is often one of the easiest and most affordable options, especially when towed behind a moving truck.  You have two options for towing your vehicle: a full auto-transport trailer or a tow dolly. Here are some of the advantages of both:

transport your vehicle

Auto Transport

Auto-transport Trailer: A trailer that you drive a vehicle onto in order to tow. One advantage to thistransportmethod is that you dont add road-wear or mileage to the vehicle in tow. This is also the best type of trailer to tow many electric vehicles which can be damaged by being towed in a tow dolly or sling because they may not have a trueneutralgear. You canrent an auto-transport trailerfrom U-Haul and tow it behind your moving truck or Large SUV.

*Tip: If you have a low profile vehicle,use these tips to load your vehicle onto anauto transport trailerto prevent damage to your vehicle.
transport your vehicle

Tow Dolly

Tow Dolly: Withtow dollies,you drive your front wheels only onto the dolly and the rear wheels remain on the ground. This is a great option for front wheel drive cars and is one of your cheapest options for transporting your automobile. When using this option you should check with your vehicles owners manual to ensure that it can be towed in this manner.

Both methods of towing your vehicle have the advantage of having your vehicle with you. If you are stopped along the way, you can always take your vehicle off the trailer to drive about town, and you have your car with you the instant you arrive at your new home. Many people have more than one vehicle to move. In this case, car-to-car towing is another option. Currently U-Haul is the only moving company that allows you rent a carrier to tow behind your own vehicle. Other moving companies require that you tow your vehicle behind their moving truck.  If you want to see what towing options will work for you particular vehicle(s),Click Here.If you decide to tow your vehicle, make sure you check out these4 tips for towing a trailer.

Ship:Shipping your vehicle is a much more expensive option, but can still be viable for certain situations. You may choose to ship your vehicle if you are moving overseas, dont need your vehicle immediately, or dont want your vehicle exposed to the elements.  For exotic or antique vehicles that you do not want to expose to the elements, you can get your vehicles shipped in an enclosed container or trailer, although this can be very expensive.

transport your vehicle

Photo via dno1967b on Flickr

When shipping your vehicle there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

Door-to-door or terminal: With many shipping companies they can pick up your vehicle at your home. Some shipping companies offer or require you to drop-off and pick-up your car at specific terminals.

Time: You should also keep time in mind. Scheduling a pick up when you are busy packing or on a tight schedule can be difficult, and shipping your car will take longer than if you are towing your vehicle. A coast-to-coast trip may take up to two weeks, during which time you will not have your vehicle.


transport your vehicle

Covered Vehicle Storage

If you cannot get another driver and want to drive your vehicle yourself then you can always store it while you move. Storing your vehicle is a good option if you are temporarily moving overseas, or deployed in the military. Manystorage facilitiesoffer vehicle storage that can store your vehicle securely while you are moving. One thing to consider with this option is the additional cost of returning to where your vehicle is stored and the gas and lodging costs of driving it back to your new home.

Have you made a long move in the past? How did you transport your automobile to your new home? Tell us in the comments.

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