How to slim in Lightroom app

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How to slim in Lightroom app
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Lightroom Classic: Tips and Quick Fixes

With Richard Harrington            Liked by 71 users                 Duration: 2h 10m Skill level: Intermediate            Released: 3/26/2021           Start my 1-month free trial Buy this course (820,000.00*)

Course details                 Make the fixfast! In this course, instructor Richard Harrington presents a just-the-facts approach to fixing problems in Lightroom. Each video addresses a specific problem, such as fixing a crooked photo or removing excessive noise, and then shows how to fix the problem in Lightroom. Richard provides a great resource for fixing common problems in Lightroomand learning the software at the same time.

Note: This course was created by RHED Pixel. We are pleased to host this training in our library.  Show more Show less

Skills youll gain

  • Adobe Lightroom

Meet the instructor

Richard Harrington

I'm a visual storyteller exploring the fusion of photography, video, and AI. I'm also a husband & father.

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  • Introduction Introduction
  • Quickly fix images in Lightroom Classic                      1m 18s
  • What you should know                      1m 11s
  • Using the exercise files                      3m 54s
  • 1. Sizing an Image 1. Sizing an Image
  • How do I crop to a specific ratio?                      4m 59s
  • How do I export a specific size?                      6m 19s
  • How do I save to a specific file type?                      3m 41s
  • What's the best way to shrink a photo's dimensions?                      2m 17s
  • How can I get a smaller file size?                      3m 5s
  • 2. Perspective Problems 2. Perspective Problems
  • How do I straighten a crooked photo?                      2m 25s
  • How do I flip an image?                      1m 34s
  • How do I remove perspective issues?                      2m 8s
  • How do I remove lens distortion?                      3m 20s
  • 3. Exposure Problems 3. Exposure Problems
  • How do I fix an image that's too bright?                      2m 41s
  • How do I fix an image that's too dark?                      1m 49s
  • How do I remove noise from an image?                      2m 52s
  • How do I fix a photo that lacks contrast?                      2m 8s
  • How do I remove haze?                      1m 31s
  • How do I make a graduated adjustment?                      2m 16s
  • How do I improve the dynamic range of a standard photo?                      1m 20s
  • How do I improve the dynamic range of a raw photo?                      2m 37s
  • 4. Color Problems 4. Color Problems
  • How do I white balance a photo?                      2m 51s
  • How do I fix skin tones?                      2m 54s
  • How do I make skies bluer?                      3m 2s
  • How do I change the color of an object or section of my photo?                      5m 18s
  • How do I emphasize colors in shadows and highlights?                      2m 1s
  • How do I color grade a photo?                      3m 7s
  • How do I create a black-and-white photo?                      2m 11s
  • How do I add color to a black-and-white photo?                      1m 34s
  • 5. Retouching Problems 5. Retouching Problems
  • How do I remove acne?                      2m 57s
  • How do I fix red eye?                      2m
  • How do I fix dark circles?                      4m 37s
  • How do I whiten teeth?                      2m 27s
  • How do I whiten eyes?                      2m 44s
  • How can I slim a face?                      3m
  • How can I remove shine?                      3m 37s
  • 6. Controlling Focus and Backgrounds 6. Controlling Focus and Backgrounds
  • How do I blur my background?                      2m
  • How do I remove an object or person in Lightroom?                      4m 27s
  • How do I add a vignette?                      3m 56s
  • How do I sharpen a photo?                      2m 23s
  • When should I add clarity?                      1m 36s
  • How do I make an image pop?                      1m 42s
  • How do I remove sensor dust or spots?                      1m 41s
  • 7. Controlling Raw Files 7. Controlling Raw Files
  • How do I maximize the quality of my raw file?                      1m 18s
  • I can't open a raw file                      1m 57s
  • How can I develop the raw file to match my camera's look?                      1m 41s
  • How can I back up my raw file edits?                      2m 38s
  • 8. Saving for the Web 8. Saving for the Web
  • How do I make great-looking JPEGs?                      1m 53s
  • Why do my colors look weird on the web?                      1m 25s
  • How can I prepare an image for social media?                      3m 24s
  • Conclusion Conclusion
  • Next steps                      48s

Whats included

  • Practice while you learn    1 exercise file
  • Learn on the go    Access on tablet and phone

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