How to register a leased car in NC

About NCFrom the Appalachian Mountains to the rolling land of the Piedmont to 300 miles of white sandy beaches: Scenic beauty, a culture rich in history and the arts, and world-cla

How to register a leased car in NC

About NC

From the Appalachian Mountains to the rolling land of the Piedmont to 300 miles of white sandy beaches: Scenic beauty, a culture rich in history and the arts, and world-class sports and recreational opportunities make NC an exceptional place to live.

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The Basics

Getting a driver's license is required before you can register your vehicle. Vehicle registration is required within 30 days of moving here or soon after obtaining a job within the state. Don't forget to register to vote too!

  • Get a Driver's License
  • Register Your Car
  • Enroll your Child in School
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Schools in NC

North Carolina is proud to have been the first in the nation to address learning standards, student tests and school accountability simultaneously. North Carolina boasts 53 colleges and universities, including 17 public universities, as well as a robust community college system.

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  • Public K-12 Schools
  • NC Community College System
  • University of North Carolina System
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  • Organ Donation Registry
  • Hiring a Moving Company: Don't get Scammed
  • Bringing Your Pet into the State
  • Order a State Map

Visit NC

From the Mountains to the Sea

When you visit the incredible beauty of North Carolina, youll be transformed back into your best self. Feel recharged by our vibrant cities, hike to breathtaking mountain vistas that help you breathe easier, and find your inner peace outside by exploring our sandy shores.

Get back to a better place. Get back to North Carolina.

Visit North Carolina

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Natural Beauty

When people think of North Carolina, the word that comes to mind first is 'beautiful.' North Carolinais a diverse land, home to both mountains and sea, with more than 120 species of trees. The state's mountains are the perfect vantage point for viewing the brilliant kaleidoscope of colors they produce each fall. We have 300 miles of white sandy beaches, more than any other Atlantic Coast state except Florida.

North Carolina is rich in resources, with a stunning array of wild creatures, from painted buntings to white-tailed deer, bog turtles and our native brook trout. This is a great state forhunting,fishing,boating, and wildlife viewing, from one of our10 national parksor inone of the 41 locations that are currently part of our state parks system.

Arts and Culture

Cultural and educational experiences are plentiful. The nations first state-supportedsymphonyandart museumcontinue to flourish in the state. Along with celebrated Native American and Civil War roots, we also commemoratethe Wright Brothers first moments of flight.

Summer theaters, wineries, craft breweriesand festivals abound throughout the state, as doesoutdoor drama. A nationally recognizedzoological parkand extensive system ofaquariumssupport wildlife education.

North Carolina's roots are in farming and agriculture. VisitNC Farmsto discover more than400 destinations of local farms and fisheries, farmers markets, pick your own operations, local food and drink, farm stays and lodging, tours and trails, and community events.

History and Heritage

We're rich in history and culture. Deep in the GreatSmoky Mountains, visitors can experience one of the state's greatest cultural treasures: the tradition, fine arts, music and dance of the 10,000-year-old Cherokee culture. Across the state, battlefields and other sites tell tales of NC history in the Civil War. The Wright Brothers' National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills commemorates the first moments of flight that changed the world and forever linked the state to one of aviation's greatest triumphs.

Recreation and Sports

Recreational opportunities range from celebrated golf courses to outdoor sports, to college and professional athletics. The states beaches, national and state parks, and mountains offer boating, kayaking, fishing, hiking and skiing. Outdoor recreation areas include theBlue Ridge Parkway,Cape HatterasandCape Lookoutnational seashores, and41 state parks and recreation areas.

North Carolina is recognized worldwide for its more than 550 golf courses.Pinehurst, established in 1895, is considered the home of American golf. Pinehurst most recently hosted the U.S. Open in 2014.Pinehurst No. 2 will be home to the U.S. Open for the fourth time in 25 years when the national championship returns to Pinehurst Resort and Country Club in 2024.

When youd rather watch sports than participate, North Carolina boasts an array of professional football, hockey, basketball and baseball teams. TheCarolina Hurricaneshoisted hockeys biggest honor, the 2006 Stanley Cup. North Carolina is the heart of thestock car racingworld.

Four universities in theAtlantic Coast Conference, includingNorth Carolina State University,The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,Wake Forest UniversityandDuke University, provide plenty of sports rivalry.National Collegiate Athletic Association ConferencecontendersNorth Carolina Central UniversityandAppalachian State Universityalso compete nationally with the latter winning back-to-back championships.Left Child Paragraph



NCpedia is an online encyclopedia about North Carolina, U.S.A. It is considered a trusted resource for North Carolina information. Contributors include professional and independent historians, librarians and archivists, museum professionals and many subject specialists.Right Child Paragraph

On This Day in North Carolina History

The NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, the Office of Archives and History and the State Library bring you a daily blog featuring historically significant events that have occurred throughout our state.

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