How to get noticed by a celebrity on Instagram

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How to get noticed by a celebrity on Instagram


How to Get a Celeb Following You on Instagram

ByJon Harper

on Questions & Answers show1 Post comments that matter2 Pick your moments3 Make your Instagram page interesting4 Make Instagram features work for you

Instagram has made it easy for people to connect, even your regular everyday Joe can touch base with their fave celebs. Most high-profile peeps keep their social media public and open for comments. This allows them to gain visibility, making the launch of any new projects gain eager anticipation. They readily post details about their lives and that of their friends, knowing that we, the public, look up to them and want to share their celeb lifestyle  if only we could!

So, how to get them to follow you back on Insta?

Post comments that matter

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that celebrities are human beings too. Although there are probably more celebs who share on Instagram with the purpose of selling an album perhaps, a product, the latest film, and so on, many share snapshots of their personal lives all over Insta.

So many fans will post cute or heart-eyes emojis at the photo of their child, or comment as adorable as their mommy/daddy, but how about using some imagination to capture their interest and stand out from the crowd? Think up something thought-provoking, offer a little intrigue, get them wondering who you are! Make a comment about their career, a project, or charity they support, but relate it to their comment. Demonstrate that youve thought about their post and have something to say relating to it.

A well-considered comment will make them pause, encourage them to respond, and when they do, again reply with an intelligent come back, and so on. Keep up the interest, and they will click that follow button before you know it!

Justin Timberlake is well known for connecting with fans on social media

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A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake)


Pick your moments

It is no secret that good timing matters, so consider when to post wisely. If you regularly read your celebs posts, youll know when they are most active on social media  are they an early riser, posting sunrises and more, or will they tell you all about their day as they enjoy a nightcap? If theyve posted about feeling low  celebs are human too, then a positive comment might pick them up, or if they are ill, offer comfort and support with an interesting, stand-out-from-the-crowd comment.

Make your Instagram page interesting

On social media, there are many things that we cant control, however, we can ensure our page, what we post, and who we follow are interesting, special, and eye-catching. If your celeb supports a particular charity, share details of that charity, adding your own comments. Make sure everything you write is thought-provoking and encourages debate. If you know their hometown, how about mentioning an upcoming holiday there and ask for tips or locations to visit? Political ideology, beliefs, and unusual hobbies all get you noticed, and that can lead to being followed on Insta.

Kim Kardashian has been quoted in interviews as saying she wanted to spread the love and send money to people who are: struggling, worried about how theyre going to pay rent, put food on the table, or a gift under the tree for their kids. Give her a reason why it should be you, and it might be you!

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A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian)

Make Instagram features work for you

Within your reach, there are two Instagram features that could work in your favor. First is the #####  Hashtag

Social media sites like Insta have unique algorithms that automatically fill a persons Instagram feed. Hashtags are random titles are assigned to pictures, videos, and posts eg #holidayinthesun or #givemeyourcashkimkardashian. If your Instagram page is public, when you place hashtags in the comments section of your posts, it becomes part of a group of other Instagram posts, in this case sharing the #holidayinthesun hashtag .

With your favorite celebrity having that same Instagram algorithm feature, they could stumble upon that hashtag group and eventually be led to your Instagram post. You can make as many hashtags as you like, giving you more chances for a celebrity to follow you.

If you want to further narrow down your chances of getting noticed and followed, there is another Insta feature you could use  reposting or sharing. Just like any other social media platform, public posts frequently get shared, and whoever posted them, receives notification that you shared. If done regularly they will begin to recognize your name or avatar.

Although it may seem that your favored celeb is unreachable, trust us, it can, and is often, done. Sometimes this connection even leads to friendship! Never give up your dream!

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