How much does it cost to transfer title and plates in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin DMV Title Transfer GuideHow To Transfer A Vehicle Title In WisconsinDo you need to know how to transfer a car title in Wisconsin? Whether you are buying or selling a car,

How much does it cost to transfer title and plates in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin DMV Title Transfer Guide

How To Transfer A Vehicle Title In Wisconsin

Do you need to know how to transfer a car title in Wisconsin? Whether you are buying or selling a car, read on to find all the information needed to complete the transaction quickly and legally.

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In Wisconsin, you can apply for a new title through theWisconsinPublic websiteor by visiting yourlocal DMV Customer Service Center.

It is possible to also apply for a new title through the mail, but if any information is missing or illegible, the application will be returned to you without processing. It really saves time to do the job online or in person.

How To Fill Out Transfer Of Title Form

You will need aDMV title transfer form, which is also known as an MV1 Title/License Plate Application, and the original title of the vehicle.

On the back of the original title, all owners listed on the front of the title must print and sign their name and date the document. All buyers that wish to be listed on the new title must print and sign their name and date the document.

The odometer reading must be filled in, with both parties witnessing its accuracy. If the odometer reading is altered, the title and the sale becomes invalid.

Only the new owner needs to fill out the MV1 form. It is crucial that the VIN on the application matches the VIN on the original title. If you make a mistake, start over. If you are under 18 and buying your first car, your parent or guardian must sign the bottom of the application and have their signature notarized.

Title Transfer Requirements

When heading out to the DMV, what do you need to transfer a car title? You will need more than just the old title.

  • Your drivers license.
  • The completed original title.
  • No photocopies of a title will be accepteda duplicate is acceptable.
  • The completed MV1 form.
  • A check or money order for all title fees, taxes, and registration fees.

Title Transfer Fees

How much is a title transfer in Wisconsin? Unfortunately, you will need to know more than how much does it cost to transfer a car title.

The title fee is $69.50.

There will be state sales tax charged on the amount of cash you paid for the car minus the trade-in value.

There may be additional local sales tax, depending on your county or city.

Additional fees apply to alternative fuel vehicles, to file a lien on the car, temporary plates, and the registration fee.

Make the check payable to the Registration Fee Trust. Credit cards are accepted online, but cash is not accepted for the title transfer at the DMV office.

How To Transfer Ownership Of A Car Without A Title

While it is not recommended to buy a car without a title, it can be done. You will need a surety bond in order to get a new title issued for the car. Before that happens, you must file a MV2082and the MV1 form.

The state will research the vehicle and let you know how much your surety bond must be to proceed. Once the vehicle is bonded, a title is issued with the bond restriction.

After 5 years, you can apply for a clear title without the bond.

Requesting A Duplicate Title

If the title is simply lost or damaged to the point it cannot be read, the owner should apply for a duplicate title. A duplicate can be obtained using theonline applicationor by filling out anMV2119form and bringing it to your local DMV office.

If the title is clear, a duplicate will be mailed to the owners address in 7 to 10 days. It will cost $25.

My Car Title Signed But Never Transferred. What Do I Do?

If you transferred the title successfully through the online application or at a customer service center, but never received it in the mail, you can check the status using thefree online title search. You will need to supply the VIN and your personal information to access the system.

If you have a loan out on the vehicle, the title was likely mailed to the financial institution. If you moved before the mail delivered the new title, it would have been returned to the DMV. If it is simply lost, you will need to apply for another duplicate title.

How To TransferA Car Title To A Family Member

In Wisconsin, it is possible to give a car to your child without charging a purchase price. On the back of the original title, you will write in a purchase price of zero dollars. The title and MV1 form must still be filled out as if cash were exchanged for the car.

However, the new owner of the car will still be responsible for all fees and taxes.

How To Transfer A Car Title When Owner Is Deceased

If you are the surviving spouse or domestic partner, you are able to sign on the back of the original title as the seller for up five vehicles. If you are simply transferring the title into your sole name, you will sign as both the buyer and seller. You will also complete the Statement of Transfer of Vehicles to a Surviving Spouse, Domestic Partner or HeirFormMV2300.

If you have any more questions about how to transfer a car title in Wisconsin, contact the DMV throughemailor calling them at (608) 264-7447.

Wisconsin DMV Hours And Contact Information

For more information on questions specific to your title transfer scenario, clarification on the title transfer process in the state of Wisconsin, or for WI DMV hours and to find the DMV location nearest to you, visit the official Wisconsin Department of Transportation website by clicking here.

Common Questions About Wisconsin Title Transfer

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