How long do you have to get your registration sticker after it expires in Illinois

Updated on July 17, 2021New residents have 30 days to apply for an Illinois vehicle title and registration after moving to the Land of Lincoln. For those who are simply renewing th

How long do you have to get your registration sticker after it expires in Illinois

Updated on July 17, 2021
New residents have 30 days to apply for an Illinois vehicle title and registration after moving to the Land of Lincoln. For those who are simply renewing their tags, youll get your renewal date by mail or you can check you current registration card for renewal time. If you still cant find out when your vehicle registration expires, call the Public Inquiry Division at 800-252-8980 or 217-785-3000 (outside Illinois) to get your registration ID and PIN number.

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By 2019, Illinois had over 4.3 million registered vehicles. Most 1996 and newer gasoline-powered passenger vehicles are subject to emissions inspections after they are four years old. So a 2018 model will have to be inspected for the first time in 2022. More on emissions testing in Illinois below, as well as specifics about tags renewals.

Illinois Vehicle Registration Renewal Guide

How to Renew a Car Registration in Illinois

The Secretary of State from Illinois will send out a renewal notice and application for your vehicle before the registration expires. This notice will include a registration renewal code as well as a PIN.

This information can be used to renew your vehicle registration either over the phone or online. The notice will also contain information about whether or not your car will need to undergo and pass an emissions inspection.

If your vehicle needs to pass an emissions test before renewal, you will receive notice about 4 months before your registration expires.

You will need to go to an emissions testing station located near you to have the vehicle tested. You may need to make an appointment beforehand, so it may be a good idea to call the testing station in advance.

Vehicles exempt from an emissions test include vehicles which have been:

  • Made before 2007 and weigh 8500 to 14,000 pounds, and
  • Vehicles that are gas powered and weigh more than 14,000 pounds.

Once your vehicle has passed inspection the SOS will be notified electronically.

Renewing Your Registration In Person In Illinois

To renew your registration in person you will need to provide your renewal notice and have your payment ready when you visit your local DMV office.

Illinois Online Registration Renewal Options

To renew your registration online you will need a registration ID as well as the aforementioned PIN found on the renewal notice. You also need your insurance policy number and expiration date, and of course your payment.

How to Replace Car Registration Paperwork in Illinois

Like any state, Illinois has its own departments that processreplacement car registrationrequests.

Driving a vehicle in the state of Illinois requires valid state license plates, certificate of registration and current decals. These items and their replacements are issued by the Illinois Secretary of State.

IllinoisDuplicate Registration

To meet Illinois state requirements, you must ensure all registration is up to date. The Illinois Secretary of States facility has multiple locations across the state.

To request a replacement plate, sticker, or registration card, a completed Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190) form must be completed. Most Illinois replacement registration requests must be submitted in person during regular business hours.

Contact your local County Clerk to get more information on the available services and office hours. Identification and a completed application will be required for any replacements.

How to Replace your Vehicle Registration

Illinois replacement requests must be completed by mail or in person. The application can be printed online through the Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) System and mailed to the following address:Secretary of State
Vehicle Services Department
ERT Section, Rm. 424
If Expedited Title, Rm. 629
501 S. Second St.
Springfield, IL. 62756

Payments must be submitted with the completed application. The Secretary of State Office accepts checks and money orders only.

Replacement Car Registration(Certificate of Registration) In Illinois

The registration certificate is a document that details the cars vital information including the VIN, vehicle description, and date the vehicle was registered. A valid car registration is required in order to operate a vehicle in Illinois state.

Illinois drivers are required to show this certificate as proof of registration if stopped by the police. If the certificate of registration is not provided, the driver could incur tickets and fines as a result. To avoid this, ensure that the proof of registration is kept in the car at all times.

Replacement car registration documents are requested in person most of the time. You will need to turn in a completed Application form at a Secretary of State facility location as soon as possible.

Replacement Vehicle Registrationand License Plates

Operating a vehicle legally in the state of Illinois requires an up to date license plate. Penalties will be incurred if the plates are damaged and destroyed beyond identification.

If your license plates are damaged, missing or have been stolen you will need to complete a request for replacements immediately.

Replacement Vehicle Registrationand License Plates (Lost or Stolen)

In the event of a stolen standard plate, you should file a police report right away. To receive areplacement car registrationfor personalized plates or duplicate plates, you must complete and submit an application form.

Take the completed form to your local Illinois Secretary of States facility during servicing business hours. You will also need valid identification for yourself as well as the car.

The following vehicle information is required:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Vehicle make.
  • Vehicle model.
  • License plate number.
  • Decal number.

Duplicate Registrationfor Tags

Vehicle stickers are required on every Illinois license plate. Illinois stickers include the month and year of the expiration date.Replacement vehicle registrationis available if you have lost or misplaced your license decals. Be sure to apply forreplacement car registrationas soon as possible.

You can apply for and receive replacement stickers at your local Secretary of States Facility location by submitting a completed application. Indicate that you are in need of a decal replacement.

Replacement Car Registrationin Illinois

Whether you have a damaged registration card, or your plates were stolen, the process of receiving areplacement vehicle registration is relatively simple. Provide proof of identity and the vehicle information and an application and you will have no issues getting exactly what you need.

Some services not detailed here may be completed by mail or online. Contact your local Illinois facility for more information onhow to replace your vehicle registration.

It is a good idea to submit allduplicate registrationdocuments immediately in order to avoid additional fees.

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