How i got rich on Roblox

5 [Simple Steps] to Get Rich in RobloxBy Matt October 22, 2018Linkmon99This guide is based on Linkmon99s video. Be sure to watch it!5 steps to getting Rich in ROBLOXIf youre tired

How i got rich on Roblox

5 [Simple Steps] to Get Rich in Roblox

By Matt  October 22, 2018Linkmon99This guide is based on Linkmon99s video. Be sure to watch it!

5 steps to getting Rich in ROBLOX

If youre tired of your ROBLOX account being less than wealthy then youve come to the right place. This guide is going to go over 5 steps to get a lot of currency for ROBLOX.

Step 1: Buy Builders Club

It may seem obvious but not a lot of people realize how important Builders Club is. There are a bunch of benefits that are essential to getting rich in ROBLOX.

  1. To be able to trade you have to have Builders Club. Any versions works.
  2. You cannot sell a lot of items or make any groups.Those two points are highly important to making money in ROBLOX. So getting any level of the Builders Club is a good investment.Its best just to get the Classic Builders Club. It lets you get the basic features without paying as much for the higher tiers.

Step 2: Save Robux then Invest in a Demand Item

The best way to make money is to get yourself a limited. The issue with ROBLOX is you need to stock up on Robux which takes time.

Theres no instant way to make money. And the best thing you can do is save up.

Save to about one thousand Robux because once you reach that you unlock some of the better items.

Once you have that amount go to the items and look at the bestselling. It will show you all the items that are being focused on the most at that time.

Essentially, anything on that shows up on the first page is worth buying. Investment is the key because no matter what its going to raise if it is on that first best-selling page.

The more popular an item is the higher itll raise because of how many people are buying it. So youll be able to benefit from this rise in price through patience.

Step 3: Find and Recognize Good Offers on your Limited Items!

Now, say you buy an item for the one thousand that you got. What you wanna do is trade it off.The best way to trade things fast is to go to TradeHaven. Its a place where people go to trade items.Once you get inside youre going to walk around to trade with people. Everyone is there to trade so youre bound to find someone who is interested.It can be hard to find a deal at first but just ask around. If youre worried about the value of your item when selling there are a couple places you can go for details. There is a site listed in the video as well.

Step 4: Downgrade or Sell the Item for That Good Deal!

If youre having trouble getting anyone to meet your price your best bet will be to downgrade your trade. The next best thing to getting the full price you asked for is getting items for your item.

You can put your item up for trade and have people offer you other items for yours. This is a good way to go about getting a bunch of good items that you can sell as well.

The trick is knowing what offers are worth the item that youre putting up for trade. That link given in the video is a good resource for this.

What youre aiming for out of this is getting more items with a chance of raising the price. If theyre high in demand then their prices will rise.

In the case where you get items that are more in worth than your original one, you can use them to try and get something better than what you originally had.

The other tip is selling them for Robux. You can break your items down and sell them.

Step 5: Have Patience, Repeat, and Dont Give Up. It Gets Easier!

There is no quick way to get fast money in this game. Its going to take some time and investment to get rich in ROBLOX.

Its all about following the high demand items and knowing what to try and trade/sell at what times. Its going to take a while to get into the swing of it but once you get yourself going it becomes much easier and youll start bringing in money a lot faster.

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