How does a leasing company make money?

Welcome to Autoflex, home of the award-winning auto leasing program called FlexLease. We're glad you're here because if you've been frustrated and let down by the games that happen

How does a leasing company make money?

Welcome to Autoflex, home of the award-winning auto leasing program called FlexLease. We're glad you're here because if you've been frustrated and let down by the games that happen on a daily basis at other retailers, you've just found the reason why we do what we do. Leasing or buying a car doesn't have to be complicated. It should be fun. So if you're thinking about leasing a car in Dallas, you've come to the right spot. Scroll below to learn a bit more about how we work and the exceptional savings that you can expect to find here when you lease a car from us. Just in case you're wondering, yes, you can buy here, too. Check out our FlexBuy program for more information.

Car Leasing in Dallas, Texas, Made Easy

$0 down. $0 security. ZERO games. Our lease specials are some of the best near Fort Worth, TX. How does it all work? Glad you asked. First, you'll probably browse our website to see if we've got something in stock. Chances are, we do! Right here at Autoflex, you can get a Kia lease or a Tesla lease. All brands are available. What's important is that you love what you find. From there, you'll give us a call or an email and connect with a sales specialist that will take you through your entire deal from start to finish. No mystery-folks. No "one second I'll be right back" trips to the manager's office. Your specialist will structure your deal with you and handle financing, signing, and delivery. Easy.

Used Car Leasing Companies. Fact or Fiction?

When you take home a signature Autoflex lease in Dallas, TX, you're taking part in an innovative process that we've perfected over the last 30 years. We take lease return vehicles, demo vehicles, and other low mileage vehicles and lease them as we would a brand new car. The difference with this type of auto leasing is that you'll get tremendous savings from driving away in a used car lease with minimal miles on the clock. Let's say, for instance, you lease a Jeep from us. It's the current year, it's got a few miles on it, but you can't lease it from Jeep. Why? Their banks are set up to sell or lease new cars only. Our massive buying power has lenders in line that make a program like this possible. And who wins? You do! Take another scenario. Someone jumps out of their Hyundai lease well before the contract ends. We're the first to know. We can turn their loss into your gain.

What About New Car Leasing?

Autoflex is auto leasing without limits! If you want a new car, come to us for the same level of service. In fact, you can sit with one of our specialists and configure your favorite brand of vehicle as you would with the OEM. Let's say you want to lease a Chevy Silverado. Let us help you put together the package that's right for you. We'll get your truck here at the best lease possible. Now, you might be wondering what happens to the new car warranty if you get a vehicle from us instead of the OEM retailer. Great question. Maybe you prefer to lease a Ford F150 over the Silverado. No problem. Your F150 shows up with its new car warranty in place, just like it would be from the OEM retailer. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just savings and great auto leasing.

America's #1 Choice for Auto Leasing. Top 10 Reasons:!

  1. We make it easy by eliminating the hassle and gimmicks of OEM retailers
  2. $0 down, $0 security leases available
  3. Autoflex saves you money with low monthly payments
  4. Same-day delivery
  5. All rebates & incentives can be combined
  6. We will take your trade & pay the balance
  7. We offer thousands of top vehicles every year
  8. We lease every make and model
  9. Live anywhere in the USA? We can help!
  10. Autoflex leases more vehicles per day than anywhere else. This saves you money!

What Else Can AutoFlex Do?

If you live in Richardson, TX, come in and see us. We're always worth the trip. Now, you don't have to take advantage of our auto lease programs to experience significant savings. What if you could purchase with the flexibility of a lease? You can! And we're the only ones doing it. Our FlexBuy program delivers nearly 50% savings on monthly finance payments. No mileage restrictions. No usage restrictions. As if this wasn't good enough, you can trade her in with a guaranteed trade value told to you at contracting.

If you're still thinking about auto leasing, our specialists will be happy to take you through our programs line by line. But don't forget about the "Flex" in Autoflex. That's because we're flexible. Let's say you wanted an economical Nissan lease because you do a ton of driving for work. No problem. We can customize a high-mileage, long-term lease to suit your lifestyle.

Lastly, you can find some of the finest used cars in Dallas in our inventory. If you need something for the first-time-driver in your family, a work vehicle, or any reason at all, you'll love the additional savings that you'll find with any of these cars, trucks, pickups, vans, or SUVs. We're also your Dallas lease returns center! Don't go anywhere else. Ground your lease here, and discover even more benefits when you do.

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