Florida active duty military property tax exemption

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Florida active duty military property tax exemption
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Deployed Military Personnel Exemption

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Homestead Ad Valorem Tax Exemption For Deployed Military Personnel

The Florida Legislature enacted implementing legislation (FLORIDA STATUTE 196.173) whichprovides an additional homestead property tax exemption for members of the U.S. military or military reserves, the United States Coast Guard or its reserves who receive a homestead exemption and were deployed in the previous year on active duty outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of military operations designated by the Legislature.

The exemption amount will be based upon the number of days in the previous calendar year that the person was deployed. The Legislation identified the qualifying deployments for Military Exemption as:

  • Operation Joint Task Force Bravo, which began in 1995.
  • Operation Joint Guardian, which began on June 12, 1999.
  • Operation Noble Eagle, which began on September 15, 2001.
  • Operations in the Balkans, which began in 2004.
  • Operation Nomad Shadow, which began in 2007.
  • Operation U.S. Airstrikes Al Qaeda in Somalia, which began in January 2007.
  • Operation Copper Dune, which began in 2009.
  • Operation Georgia Deployment Program, which began in August 2009.
  • Operation Spartan Shield, which began in June 2011.
  • Operation Observant Compass, which began in October 2011.
  • Operation Inherent Resolve, which began on August 8, 2014.
  • Operation Atlantic Resolve, which began in April 2014.
  • Operation Freedoms Sentinel, which began on January 1, 2015.
  • Operation Resolute Support, which began in January 2015.
  • Operation Juniper Shield, which began in February 2007.
  • Operation Pacific Eagle, which began in September 2017.
  • Operation Martillo, which began in January 2012.

The applying service member will be required to complete an application (DR-501M)and show proof of deployment, including beginning and ending dates from the Veterans Administration or military branch. A timely application should be filed by June 1, however, Pursuant to Florida Statute 196.011 (8), the Nassau County Property Appraisers office will be accepting applications on or before the 25thday following the mailing of the proposed tax bills (TRIM notices).

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