Does Roblox filter chat?

Roblox is a sandbox game that is beloved for its simple design and endless gameplay options.You can do just about anything you can think of, as long as someone has programmed it in

Does Roblox filter chat?
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Roblox is a sandbox game that is beloved for its simple design and endless gameplay options.

You can do just about anything you can think of, as long as someone has programmed it into the game.

With an endless number of game modes being made every day, youll never run out of things to do in Roblox.

Why Does Roblox Censor Everything?

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The reason why Roblox censors just about everything is because it is a game meant for a younger audience.

Gaming companies cant legally market their game to children unless it meets the content requirements to do so.

Most games with online gameplay will be rated T, which means that teenagers are able to handle the contents of the game.

Gaming regulators expect that teenagers can handle at least most of what comes with online chats and know the rules of the internet better than young children.

If Roblox wanted to be able to market their games towards children and have online chatting capabilities, then they were going to need to find a way to ensure that children arent harmed.

That means the chat cant expose them to content they havent already seen in life.

There are two main groups of words or phrases that Roblox will censor, which are profanity and any self-identifying information.

Roblox doesnt want kids learning bad words or topics while playing their game, and they dont want children giving out their private information to strangers on the internet.

Robloxs chat used to have two chat forms that separated users by age.

Accounts that were set to below the age of 13 were only allowed to choose from predetermined phrases.

Accounts that had their age set to above 13 could speak freely.

The children quickly caught onto this and just made different accounts, which threw Robloxs original chat forms out the window.

Thats when Roblox decided to just have all accounts be able to type what they want to say, but they had to add heavy censorship.

Now, everyone must adhere to the same rules.

Those who attempt to break the rules may be banned temporarily or have their account terminated, which would include the loss of any purchases made.

Criticisms Of The Censorship

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While most users understand why there must be censorship, many still raise problems with the censoring that happens.

There are many cases of false positives, controversial word blockings, and even blocking part of the game.

The chat filter that Roblox uses is provided by CommunitySift.

Their system follows a long list of rules and regulations in order to sift through all the chats that are happening online.

The system is also capable of picking up new ways players are learning to type phrases and words that are normally banned.

CommunitySift will censor things even if they may not be on their list of banned words and phrases, which results in the system censoring a lot of false positives.

The system will even censor words it normally allows.

Some of the random words that frequently cause false positives are hi, cant, um, we, town, secret, well, the, and bucket.

Most users best guesses are that cant and bucket are used in replacement for profanity.

While the number of false positives is dropping as the system learns more about how players talk, it is still a frequent problem.

If you end up facing consequences for false positives, inform the Roblox staff.

In February of 2017, all accounts for those who were 13 years of age or younger were banned from using any form of numbers.

Exactly four years later, Roblox made the switch to the chat filter, which allowed all users to use numbers in some contexts.

If numbers are strung together, they will still be banned.

They dont want children giving out their ages, addresses, or phone numbers to random people on the internet.

Roblox has stated that they only ban words with negative connotations.

Can You Get Banned For Saying Censored Words On Roblox?

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Yes, you can get banned by saying words that are censored on Roblox.

It is actually the most common reason that someone gets banned on Roblox.

Roblox will ban anyone who breaks any of their chat moderation rules.

The first time you go against the chat rules, you will be given a warning.

You will be able to get your account back right away, as long as you agree to the Terms of Service.

The Terms of Service will require you to read through the rules and follow them.

Those who repeat the same offense a second time will be given a 24-hour ban from Roblox.

From the time the ban is initiated, they will have to wait one day before being allowed back on the website.

After being banned for an entire day, those who repeat the same action that got them banned the last time will receive a three-day ban.

They will have to wait 72 hours after the ban was enacted before they will be able to play Roblox again.

The fourth time you go against the chat moderation rules, you will be hit with your final ban, and it will last an entire week.

That means no access to Roblox for seven days after the ban was put into place.

Making the same mistake a final time will result in account deletion.

When your account is deleted, theres no way of getting your money back that you spent on the game and getting the items you had on your old account.

Bans may be able to be contested if you inform Roblox of the situation, but deletions are permanent.

This is why it is important that you inform Roblox when false positives occur.

They dont want users being punished and unable to play unnecessarily.

What Does Roblox Consider Inappropriate Behavior?

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Any time a player goes against Robloxs chat rules, they will be informed about why what they said is inappropriate from whatever category of censorship the word or phrase goes against.

There are six different types of chat misuses, which are Inappropriate Behavior, Harassment or Discriminatory, Scamming, Real Life Concern, Image Content, and Audio Content.

Inappropriate Behavior may include a long list of things that you can potentially do in order to land yourself in trouble.

One such action is dating.

Dating on Roblox is prohibited and Roblox has had to come out to say Roblox is not a dating website.

Any talk of dating, sexual conversations, and even talking about weddings is banned.

Parents dont want their children who play Roblox saying theyre in a relationship with someone theyve only met over the game.

Swearing and the use of profanity is a common reason that people are banned on Roblox.

Since the CommunitySift system learns secretive ways of using profanity, you cant even attempt to trick the chat filter.

Creating accounts with the sole purpose of breaking the rules will result in a quick ban and the deletion of your account.

Starting a new account isnt enough for you to get around the Roblox system either.

Any talk of drugs, alcohol, substance use, or sexual innuendo will also result in a warning or ban.

Roblox does not want to expose the children who play the game to such topics because it could lose them the maturity rating they have.

Attempting to give out private information about yourself will also result in a ban.

Roblox doesnt want children giving adults their private information, but they also want to avoid adults giving random children on the internet their private information.

You could also avoid flooding the game chat with gibberish or repetitive messages.

What Does Roblox Consider Harassment Or Discriminatory?

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Roblox tries its best to be a place where any kind of gamer feels welcomed and safe.

They understand that many people use video games to escape from the harassment or the discrimination that they receive in real life.

Roblox does not allow negative comments about other players, race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin.

Roblox doesnt want their players facing harassment on their platform, so such comments are punished heavily.

Roblox refuses to allow derogatory language in their games chat, including any comments that attempt to tear down another player on misogynistic principles.

These comments can include belittling women, sexual objectification, androcentrism, unwarranted hostility towards female players, the exclusion of female players, and threats of violence against them.

Roblox also considers targeting one player with repeated negative comments harassment.

Do not follow players around or repeatedly send them negative messages.

For the best gaming experience, dont send negative messages to anyone.

Those who harass or discriminate will not be able to have their bans lifted.

These types of messages and actions go against Robloxs Terms of Service.

If you experience these types of comments, you should report the players who are doing so.

Reporting players who harass other players and treat other players poorly based on personal attributes will help reduce the number of negative players on the platform.

This also keeps other players from being treated the same way.

Players who witness another player being harassed or discriminated against should report the player based on the speech theyre using.

Dont let another player get bullied and offer up support or a nice comment towards whoever was being taunted.

By choosing to not bully or discriminate and report players who do, you are helping create a better platform for current and future players.

What Is Scamming On Roblox?

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Wherever there is money involved, there will be scammers.

With websites such as Roblox, scammers are offered an entire platform of easy targets and can tell which players spend money on the game just by looking at their characters.

One of the most common scams you will see on Roblox are games that claim players will get Robux, the in-game currency, as a prize for playing or winning.

Although Roblox game developers are able to design many unique features, handing out Robux as a prize is impossible.

These are simply situations in which game designers are just trying to get players to try their games.

Those who promise players Robux for playing their game will be given a warning and will have their game removed.

Roblox understands that most of the game designers who do this are children and the young designers have no intention of scamming other players, but continuing to do so after receiving a warning will still result in a ban.

You are not allowed to impersonate a Roblox staff member, which you cannot pretend to be a Roblox staff member or lie about being a part of their staff.

Players who claim to be staff members on their other account are lying because a staff member wouldnt try to gain any authority with another account.

Roblox players are also not allowed to say theyre administrators on another account.

Normally, the administrators have a Roblox badge next to their name.

Theyre only able to take authority actions while using their administrator accounts.

Players who attempt to make games that steal the login information of other players will be removed immediately.

Some game designers are able to manipulate their GUI in a way that lets them look like a login screen, which then saves all the information typed.

What Are Real-Life Concerns On Roblox?

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Roblox doesnt want their players discussing heavy, real-life topics on their platform because it is a game that is intended for children, and the children playing may not be ready to understand serious concerns.

In the earlier years of Roblox, it was known for having games based on serious events that happened in real life, such as historical tragedies or potentially traumatizing events.

When you look at Robloxs design, you wouldnt expect some of the game topics that came from early Roblox.

There were games about natural disasters, mass shootings, school shootings, 9/11, and even domestic abuse.

Luckily, Roblox has since become vastly more aware of what creators are making on their platform.

Despite being able to stop most inappropriate games and clothing designs off of their platform, Roblox still discourages discussion of such serious events on their chat.

It isnt because Roblox wants to erase these topics from the players memories or control what they think.

There have been many serious topics that have happened in the past that have been made into jokes by many members of the Roblox community.

While this isnt a problem exclusive to Roblox, it is one that has made the platform infamous.

The staff of Roblox doesnt believe that Roblox is the platform to be teaching players about serious topics and historically awful events.

Instead, players should be learning about these topics in school or from the proper sources.

While Roblox understands that not all the game and clothing designs have malicious intent behind their creation, they dont want to be disrespectful to those who have lost people from these kinds of situations and dont want to expose young children to such topics.

The topics that Roblox considers Real Life Concerns are best explained to children by their parents.

Roblox Censorship Keeps Kids Safe

Roblox booth at CEE 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

One of the biggest struggles for parents in the modern age is keeping their kids safe while theyre using the internet.

The Roblox team understands the struggle of finding websites or games where parents can feel safe leaving their kids to play a game.

Parents and children want a game where parents dont feel the need to watch over their childrens shoulders the entire time they are online in order to avoid them seeing or hearing things that they shouldnt.

Roblox is looking to be the answer to this problem.

By having an overactive chat filter, they can help better assure the safety of their users who are under the age of 13.

Their chat censorship also blocks out a lot of bullying that many people face online, especially on the basis of personal attributes.

Nobody wants to be bullied in real life or online, so Roblox has a firm policy against harassment and discrimination.

Most of the words and phrases that are censored are not allowed in order to keep other players safe.

While there may be nothing morally wrong with a message, it is important to understand how people could abuse the phrase or word as a way to get around the chat filter.

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